Meet Dr. Manfred Alkhas, D.C., M. Div.

"Humans are comprised of body and soul. The unification of this duality occurs through the optimum function of the Central Nervous System, which manifests as higher state of health and being." ~ Philosophy of Good Life Chiropractic

Manfred Alkhas

Chiropractic injury specialist Dr. Manfred Alkhas, D.C., M. Div.

Dr. Manfred Alkhas, D.C., M. Div.

Dr. Manfred Alkhas is the founder and the primary treating doctor in Good Life Chiropractic in Campbell, CA.

In the field of chiropractic care, Dr. Alkhas is well-known as an injury specialist.

He accomplished his pre-Chiropractic studies at San Jose State University and graduated from Palmer-West Chiropractic College in 1990. After successfully managing an office in Gilroy, he decided to establish his own office in San Jose, CA, named Good Life Chiropractic, on September 15th, 1992. He has been a full time treating doctor for over 24 years and has enjoyed helping other Chiropractors start their own new practices.

In 1994 he married Domarina, who later became Good Life Chiropractic's office manager. Together they have successfully built one of the most well-known and reputable Chiropractic offices in the Bay Area.

Injury Specialist

Injuries may occur suddenly such as in a car accident, or slow and chronically such as in poor posture or poor work ergonomics. Injury specialist is a doctor that has special clinical expertise in diagnosing causes of pain and discomfort due to sudden acute traumas or slow onset, chronic injuries.

"Optimum spinal function for all who seek a higher state of health and being." ~ Our Purpose

At Good Life Chiropractic we take special care to first provide you with the most precise diagnosis and cause of your discomfort before we do any treatments. A good diagnosis is the most important part of a successful treatment plan.

Talents, Interests, & Hobbies

Dr. Manfred is a man of many talents, interests, and hobbies. In 2006 he received a Master of Divinity degree with honors from Western Theological Seminary and was the class speaker during the graduation ceremony. He enjoys charcoal figure drawing, as well as playing piano, guitar and drums. He has played in a music band for over 10 years and has also written and produced two music CDs. In the field of literature, his first love has always been poetry. Heavily influenced by the works by Robert Frost, he wrote his first poetry collection in his early 20s titled "The Bright Umbra". His favorite philosophical and theological book is "Christ the Eternal Tao" by Heiromonk Damascene, and his favorite artist is Raphael Santi from the Renaissance period.

  • Licensed Chiropractor since 1991
  • Member of the California Chiropractic Association
  • Has helped over 8,000 patients
  • Master of Divinity Degree with Honors
  • Corporate Health and Wellness Seminars Main Presenter through Social Wellness Inc.
  • Corporate Health and Wellness Seminar Speaker through Worksite Wellness Inc.
  • Corporate Health and Wellness Seminar Speaker through National Health Bureau

Continuing Education

Dr. Manfred Alklhas is a life-long learner which he believes benefits you directly

His love for health and the human frame has led him into studies of herbology, iridology, and nutrition. He has continued his Chiropractic education to include mechanical spinal adjustment techniques such as Activator Method and Impulse Technique.

Featured Speaker

His expertise in the field of Chiropractic has earned him a primary position as a key speaker in local businesses and schools.

His health and wellness lectures have included known local business such as Fed. Ex., GE Ionics, CityTeam Ministries, fitness clubs such as South Valley YMCA and many local schools and government offices.

He credits his success to seven major factors in his life:

1. His faith in a loving God.

2. A faithful and loving wife.

3. Unquenchable passion for truth.

4. Insatiable thirst for knowledge.

5. Living a transparent life of honesty.

6. Reading books that inspire.

7. Perseverance, perseverance and perseverance.

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