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Dr. Kristy Downey - Chiropractor

Dr. Kristy Downey of Good Life Chiropractic in Campbell, CA 95008

Dr. Kristy Downey was born and raised in northern New Jersey and completed her undergraduate education at Rutgers University. She migrated west to Los Angeles California to pursue her life long passion to become a Chiropractor, and in 2006 received her doctorate from Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles.

Since then, Dr. Downey has worked in the Venice Family Pain Clinic, Clear Purpose Chiropractic in Agora Hills, and for 7 years she owned her own practice, Adjusted Life Chiropractic, Dr. Kristy Zinnes, INC. in Glendale, CA. In July of 2013, Dr. Downey joined the family at Full Potential Chiropractic after her family transferred to Massachusetts and now she has relocated to Campbell, CA.

Dr. Downey’s strong motivation to become a chiropractor stems from her childhood experience with the medical community. At age 12 she contracted Lyme’s disease and suffered with complicated migraines, crippling joint pain and severe fatigue. Over the next three years she was hospitalized numerous times and vigorously treated to the point where the medications induced seizures. Eventually, she was declared healthy and well by the medical community and told that she could expect to have some residual complications.

Medicine managed to cure the disease but still left her with strong symptoms affecting her daily quality of life including severe daily migraines and muscles spasms in her back. Eventually it was a chiropractor who brought her back to full health. He instilled the desire to become a doctor that could place their hands upon someone and make a difference in the quality of their everyday life regardless of what ailed them.

She went on to become a marathon runner, a rock climber, a collegiate golfer, a mother of two beautiful boys and to this day she maintains her healthy lifestyle through the use of chiropractic care, nutrition and exercise.

Through her experiences Dr. Downey has developed the philosophy that Chiropractic is not just a series of adjustments, it is an adjustment on your entire outlook on life and what truly constitutes being healthy and well. It is her wish to help others achieve their own innate potential toward optimal health through the utilization of a well adjusted lifestyle through chiropractic, and to help people back to health as a chiropractor once did for her.

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