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Our Specialty

What is an Injury Specialist Chiropractor?

An injury specialist is a doctor with special clinical expertise in diagnosing causes of pain and discomfort due to sudden acute traumas - or slow onset, chronic injuries.

Dr. Sun takes special care to first provide you with the most precise diagnosis and cause of your discomfort before he does any treatments.

image of Campbell CA chiropractor Dr. Sun Hwang DC

Injury specialist Dr. Sun Hwang, D.C., and the team at Good Life Chiropractic are looking forward to helping you with pain relief.

How We Do IT

Our 3-Step Process

1. Perform an Evaluation Examination

We make sure our patients are fully diagnosed before any treatments are recommended.

2. Tailor a Treatment Plan & Perform Adjustments

We craft a personalized treatment plan and perform targeted adjustments to alleviate pain.

3. Perform Maintenance Adjustments

Perform once-a-year assessments to help ensure joint and muscle pain relief.


Joint and Muscle Pain

From the tension-filled neck and shoulders, through the distressing backaches, the throbbing headaches, the discomfort in the arms and legs to the subtle yet persistent pain in the joints and muscles, our bodies can manifest pain in many ways.

Click one of the images below to find helpful information about getting relief for your particular area of pain. There's also a page for chiropractic treatments.


Specialty Care Wellness

Explore our specialized care sections, from auto accident injury and degenerative disc disease management to pregnancy wellness and corporate wellness programs designed to improve your health and well-being.

Click one of the images below to find helpful information about overall wellness and getting relief from pain. There's also a page general categories for chiropractic care.



What Others are Saying

Experience the power of healing with us! With over 180 glowing reviews, we’re ready to help you on your journey to pain relief - reach out to us today.

"I was looking for a chiropractor near me. I had no prior experience with Good Life Chiropractic (Chiropractor Campbell CA), but I decided to give them a try. What I found was they made my chronic back pain disappear. And, being a Chiropractor in Campbell CA, GLC is but a short drive away." 

Gail C (San Jose, CA)

"I was skeptical before really finding out about the medical practice, but they really know what they are doing...terrific."

Courtney F (Los Gatos, CA)

"I was expecting my third child. Going to Good Life Chiropractic during my pregnancy made a world of difference."


Our Team

Experience unparalleled personalized care at our clinic, uniquely blending modern chiropractic methods with holistic wellness for a transformative healing journey unlike any other.

image of Campbell CA chiropractor Dr. Sun Hwang DC

Dr. Sun Hwang, D.C.

Image of Campbell CA chiropractor Dr. Andrew Adam, D.C.

Dr. Andrew Adam, D.C.

image of Domarina

Domarina A, Office

Your comfort is our commitment - we’re standing by, ready to provide the pain relief you need with our expert chiropractic care.

What Makes Us Different

Our Approach

When it comes to chiropractic care, many people wonder how long they need to keep coming for adjustments. The answer is simple: as long as it takes to keep your condition in check and minimize misalignments. But we don't just guess and hope for the best at Good Life. We take the time to fully diagnose each patient before any treatments are performed.

Diagnostic Testing

Our diagnostic tests include complete spinal X-rays, electromyography to check for nerve problems, and a thermograph to assess soft tissue disorders. We evaluate each case at least three times before starting any maintenance care. And during the maintenance phase, we provide annual assessments to monitor progress and make any necessary changes to the treatment plan. 

image of a man standing for an X-ray of his back

Patient Getting A Diagnostic X-Ray

How We Help You Achieve Pain Relief

We believe in the power of corrective adjustments, accurate testing, and modified maintenance plans. These things ensure our optimal success rate and keep our patients on the path to wellness.

So if you're looking for a chiropractic clinic that takes your health seriously and provides personalized care, look no further than Good Life. We're here to help you live your best life, one adjustment at a time.

Over 30 Years of Service

Since 1992, Good Life Chiropractic has been serving the Santa Clara Valley with a commitment to providing the most advanced form of adjustments in a caring and comfortable office setting. Our principles are rooted in delivering exceptional care to our patients, and our reputation speaks for itself.

image of a receptionist in the lobby of Campbell CA chiropractor Good Life Chiropractic

We're looking forward to helping you get started on a well-adjusted life!

With over 8,000 patients who have experienced our unique care system, Good Life has become a trusted and favored chiropractic office in the South Bay Area. Our patients have spread the word about the relief and results they have achieved through our treatments, and we are proud to have earned their trust and loyalty.

Our Commitment to You

When you visit our office, you will experience the Good Life difference firsthand. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve pain relief and improve your overall well-being. We understand that every individual is unique, and we tailor our treatments to meet your needs.

At Good Life, we believe that your health and happiness are paramount. We are here to support you on your journey to a better quality of life. Our caring and compassionate approach will make you feel at ease, knowing that you are in good hands.

Don't settle for anything less than the best regarding your health. Choose Campbell Chiropractor Good Life Chiropractic and experience the difference for yourself. We look forward to helping you live your best life.


Q - What services does Good Life Chiropractic offer?

A - Thank you for your interest in Good Life Chiropractic! We provide a range of chiropractic services to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. Our services include spinal & joint adjustments, deep tissue stimulation, corrective exercises, and wellness advice. Whether you have back pain, or headaches, or just want to improve your overall well-being, we've got you covered! Visit us today and experience the difference.

Q - How can I contact Good Life Chiropractic for an appointment?

A - We're thrilled you want to schedule an appointment with us! Getting in touch is easy. Please feel free to call us at (408) 871-1200 to speak with one of our friendly staff members, who will gladly help you. If you would like to schedule an initial evaluation appointment, you can also use our new patient appointment form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Q - What are the operating hours of Good Life Chiropractic?

A - We appreciate your interest in our business hours! We're ready to assist you in your journey to improved health and wellness. Click here to see our hours of operation.

Q - Does Good Life Chiropractic accept insurance plans?

A - Thank you for asking about insurance coverage! Yes, Good Life Chiropractic accepts most major insurance plans to make our services accessible to as many people as possible. To find out if your specific insurance is accepted, please call us at (408) 871-1200, and our team will gladly verify your coverage. Take the first step towards a healthier life today!

Q - Where is Good Life Chiropractic located?

A - We're excited to welcome you to our clinic! Good Life Chiropractic is conveniently located in Campbell, just minutes from Cupertino, Los Gatos Milpitas, San Jose, and Santa Clara. Our address is 280 E Hamilton Ave, Ste E, Campbell, CA, 95008. You can find us near the corner of E Hamilton Ave and N Central Ave. We're directly across the street from Mountain Mike's Pizza restaurant. If you need any further assistance finding us, don't hesitate to call us at (408) 871-1200. Come on over, and let's start your journey to wellness together!