Headaches and Chiropractic

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Headaches and Chiropractic

Understanding The Causes of Headache Pain

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Don’t suffer any longer with headache pain

Many patients come in with headache pain and wonder why they are suddenly experiencing headache pain when they have never experienced this before.

Headaches can be triggered in many ways and might develop over time.

“….over 90% of our migraine patients feel immediate relief after their first visit…” – Dr. Sun

This is why a thorough history of accidents, work history, and activity history is asked of each patient during their initial evaluation.

Let’s look at the Top 10 causes of headaches.

10 Headache-Triggers Count Down

10. Anxiety – Stress can cause much tension.

9. Glare – Brightness from a computer screen, sunlight or overhead lights.

8. Noise – Loud, repetitive noise, as well as low continuous noise.

7. Eating and Sleeping Patterns – Eat regularly throughout the day. Sleep enough, but not too much or too little.

6. Medication – Some medications may trigger headaches. Ask questions before taking them.

5. Physical Activity – It is good to challenge yourself, but try to know your limits. Too much pressure can trigger headaches.

4. Lack of Activity – Living a sedentary lifestyle can also cause headaches.

3. Posture – Sitting up straight helps with blood circulation.

2. Hormones – When estrogen levels drop, you are more likely to get headaches.

1. Misalignment of the Neck – Schedule a chiropractic check-up to make sure!

There is no reason to suffer unnecessarily from headache or migraine pain. Schedule an appointment to help get relief from your headache pain.

Dr. Sun Hwang, D.C.