Causes of Low Back Pain

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Causes of Low Back Pain

Understanding Low Back Pain Causes, Pain Relief, and Prevention

Image of the regions of the spinal column
Lower back pain occurs in the Lumbar and Sacral Spine Areas

The pain is usually on one side, but it can occur on both sides simultaneously.

Patients sometimes complain of numbness or tingling in the leg or a sense of weakness in the leg.

“…the lumbosacral region is very prone to injuries and degeneration.” – Dr. Sun

Symptoms tend to worsen with sitting, standing, sleeping, walking, or climbing stairs.

Low back pain can be triggered by a fall, work injury, car accident, pregnancy, and childbirth, or hip/spine surgery.

How A Chiropractor Can Help With Back Pain Problems

Through the manual manipulation of the spine, chiropractic will align the spine.

This will take a series of chiropractic adjustment appointments to align the spine to its natural state.

Through the manipulation of joints, using a controlled, sudden movement, the patient’s range of motion increases in addition to the quality of their movements.

Many chiropractors will also emphasize the importance of exercise and proper nutrition to rehabilitate the injury.

Not only will chiropractic correct existing acute or chronic injury, it can further prevent any possible future injury of the entire spine.

Back Pain Treatment Recovery And Prevention

  • Use proper lifting techniques
  • Maintain good posture during standing, sitting, moving and sleeping
  • Get regular exercise with stretching and strengthening
  • Have an ergonomic work area
  • Strive for good nutrition, healthy weight, and lean body mass
  • Incorporate stress management and relaxation techniques
  • No Smoking

There’s no reason to continue suffering from back problems.

At Good Life Chiropractic, we’re ready to diagnose your back problem and tailor a back pain treatment plan for your specific acute or chronic injury.

I look forward to helping you get relief from your lower back pain.

Dr. Sun Hwang, D.C.