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Understanding Shoulder Pain, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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Get shoulder pain relief with Good Life Chiropractic in Campbell CA 95008

The shoulder is the most common, non-spinal joint we treat at our Good Life Chiropractic.

The new research on shoulder pain is astounding. We are learning that the majority of the old-school treatments not only did not provide patients with any benefits, chances are they made the condition worse.

So you must consult with someone who is up on top of the new shoulder research regarding diagnosis and rehabilitation.

"...the majority of the old school treatments not only did not provide patients with any benefits, chances are they made the condition worse." - Dr. Sun

The usual shoulder pain patient complains of chronic, deep dull pain in or around the shoulder joint, with increased pain level on specific motions.

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Shoulder bursitis pain is no fun, but relief is available.

The motions that trigger the pain are commonly lateral lifting of the involved arm or activities above the shoulder level.

The Typical Differential Diagnosis That Must Be Ruled Out On The First Evaluation

These are some of the ordinary differential diagnoses that a good clinician should consider during shoulder pain evaluation.

Should Pain Treatment Timing

A good evaluation takes about 30 minutes and requires a detailed history of trauma or chronic shoulder stress, such as work injuries or sports activities.

Orthopedic tests provide helpful information to test the integrity of different shoulder tissues, such as tendons, labral, muscles, cartilage, etc. 

X-ray films are needed to determine the presence of arthritis or more severe degenerative or destructive diseases (tumors).

If Dr. Sun needs to rule out tendon tears, bone diseases, or more severe diseases, he may order an MRI and request a more detailed evaluation of your condition. At this point, you will be provided with a clear treatment plan.

A usual shoulder pain treatment rehabilitation at our office takes about 6-8 weeks and requires the patient to do home shoulder pain exercises.

Dr. Sun will use multiple chiropractic adjustment techniques to mobilize and facilitate shoulder recovery.

What To Do...

Dr. Sun has been successful in helping many patients avoid unnecessary shoulder surgeries and cortisone shot injections.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from shoulder pain, call Good Life Chiropractic for an immediate evaluation.

I look forward to helping you get relief from your shoulder pain.

Dr. Sun Hwang, D.C.

Shoulder Pain FAQs

Q - What could be causing my shoulder pain?

A - Shoulder pain can be caused by various factors such as rotator cuff injuries, arthritis, bursitis, frozen shoulder, or even from conditions affecting the cervical spine (neck).

Q - Can chiropractic treatment help alleviate my shoulder pain?

A - Yes, chiropractic care can often help with shoulder pain, as adjustments can improve alignment and function, and specific exercises can strengthen surrounding muscles, potentially reducing pain and improving shoulder movement.

Q - How many sessions will I need to see improvement in my shoulder pain?

A - The number of required sessions varies significantly between individuals, depending on the cause and severity of the shoulder pain, but some improvement is often noticeable within a few visits.

Q - Will the shoulder pain treatment be painful?

A - Some discomfort may be felt during chiropractic adjustments, especially if the shoulder is already very sore, but this is typically brief. The chiropractor should use techniques that minimize pain and discomfort.

Q - Can I do any exercises or stretches at home to help with my shoulder pain?

A - Yes, a chiropractor can provide a set of specific exercises and stretches tailored to your condition to help reduce pain, increase range of motion, and strengthen your shoulder outside of treatment sessions.

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