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Meet the One Who Keeps the Office Running Smoothly

Nitzia of of Good Life Chiropractic in Campbell, CA 95008

My name is Nitzia.  I have been a part of the Good Life Chiropractic family since 2023.

I come from a loud and fun Portugues / Mexican family.  I have two kids, Aritzia and Enzo.  I learned about Good Life Chiropractic through my husband who worked for Fred on one of his home projects.

They started a good friendship together and next thing I knew I was employed at Good Life.

I must admit, this job has been remarkably fun and educational.  It has deeply changed the way I view health and success.  The doctors are extremely dedicated and serious about their patients. 

I personally have studied cosmetology and have worked in a salon for about 3 years.  After experiencing the healing affects of chiropractic care, I have referred my mother, grandmother, husband, and even my little girl to Good Life Chiropractic

The results have been miraculous.  I love this job and honestly, I think I have found my life-time career at Good Life Chiropractic. 

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