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Meet the One Who Keeps the Office Running Smoothly

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Domarina of Good Life Chiropractic serving Campbell and the greater San Jose CA area

My name is Domarina, and I am the Office Manager for Good Life Chiropractic in Campbell, CA.

I am an Assyrian-Christian born in Iran. I lived in Germany before migrating to the U.S. (after the 1979 revolution). I earned a Bachelor's in Biology while attending Stanislaus University and San Jose State University.

At a Christian retreat, I met the love of my life - and have been happily married since 1994.

Managing Good Life has been an extraordinary experience for a private introvert working up front! But, every patient that has ever come to Good Life Chiropractic has had a divine appointment to change their lives and to change me in return.

I value family time. My favorite is coffee time with my husband, discussing politics in the world of medicine, sport, government, the justice system, and religion, or envisioning the future. I read self-improvement books, play Words-with-Friends, exercise, and watch Football (Soccer); I favor FC Barcelona, in the galaxy of stars, all-time favorite Footballer, Ronaldinho.

I’ve watched a fair number of movies--don’t as much; my life is an unfolding movie in the making! I’ve experienced life events, such as moving or traveling across continents and cities, supporting loved ones battling disease, the death of parents, the joy of being with nephews & nieces, facing injustice, and being humbled by the goodness of people beyond measure. My faith in God has waved through these life events enough times; His Faithfulness is forever steadfast. I am happy, beyond content, and have lived a Good Life.

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